Sergey Tsyptsyn joined Rays team!

Thursday, June 27th 2019

Sergey Tsyptsyn

Sergey Tsyptsyn, CEO and producer of CG EVENT - International Conference on Computer Graphics (CG - computer graphics), has joined Rays as an adviser, partner and visionary.

Sergey is an acknowledged expert and well-known evangelist for computer graphics on the Russian CG scene. Graduated in MSU, Moscow, Sergey engaged in visual effects and animation since 1996, starting with Alias|Wavefront and Silicon Graphis. Conducted courses on computer graphics for decades, being the only Alias certified instructor in Russia. Balancing between visual effects and windsurfing working as CTO for windsurf station in Egypt for many years, writing books and articles, freelancing and meditating, Sergey created an apocrypha book "Understanding Maya" - a computer graphics bible for a whole generation of 3D-artists. Gathering thousands of people for professional CG-meetings since the 90's he is developing Russian computer graphics industry for more than 20 years.

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Rays team has a strong technical background in computing, Sergey will help Rays team to better understand CG market and trends, together create a modern product for the industry using distributed computing technologies.

We asked Sergey two questions regarding joining Rays.

Sergey, what made you interested in Rays?

  • I was interested in the underlying technology of distributed computing and unlimited scalability it brings (Sergey is referring to the Sonm Fog Computing Platform, used in the heart of Rays). The idea that people are lending their PCs to other people and companies without the middleman looks attractive to me. Beautiful concept of fog computing from my point of view.

What about the opportunities you see in companying with Rays?

  • I do not like to make predictions about how it will work out, instead, I prefer to work with projects that seem interesting personally to me, emotionally familiar, then you devote yourself and see how things will go. Intuitive approach. Funk-style agile.

Good luck to Sergey on his new venture!