Rays weekly update

Monday, June 24th 2019

Here, at Rays, we have a weekly agile status meeting, which is held on Mondays. Last week someone was reading our internal status report and suggested - hey, this update is cool, why don't we publish it? So here we go - internal report as it is with bare minimum censorship (basically stripping off person and company names and some secrets - there are slightly more points in the original).


We've received two requests for Rays’ white-label solution. This works as following: another company launches a rendering service (actually Rays) under its own brand; this company promotes this as its own service and bills customers on its side; service's machinery work at Rays, as usual; Rays and the company share the revenue. This way Rays may have additional clients at the cost of margin share from these additional clients, which may be a boost. Whitelabel solution will be considered later this summer.

Software engineering:

  • This week we focus on performance optimization in anticipation of new additional users, coming from CGevent during the upcoming weekend. SQL optimization, PostgreSQL and server fine-tuning, etc. We had one of the servers with scaling_governor=powersave @400 Mhz, lol.
  • Development of "new flow" was postponed until CGevent is over and will be resumed on the 1st of July. "New flow" is in early alpha, on its way to pass smoke tests.
  • Rays’ production environment will run "old flow" on existing hardware during CGevent, possibly we will convert Django components to cluster configuration before the conference (if will have time).
  • Work in progress on the future hardware setup for the service launch. Cluster structure, storage, and networking to be calculated and provisioned.


  • Website traffic analysis made. We have great organic traffic.
  • CGevent preparation:
    • Ready: business cards.
    • Work in progress (on time): leaflets, scratch cards, rollup print.
    • Delayed: presentation slides (important), landing page, stickers (not critical).
    • Kickoff meeting on Wednesday.
  • Blender Day in London event. The decision to visit was made 2 days before the event and Valerie visited it unprepared but managed to get a stage keynote announcement and pitched Rays to some key players. Got a number of business contacts and follow-ups.


  • Schedule a post about new project member and adviser.
  • $this status report to be censored and posted as first Rays blog entry tomorrow.


  • Two new vacancies initiated for a job title of "upper intermediate golang". Vacancies will be processed by Artem Babamuratov, our partner headhunter and friend, which is a synonym of "vacancies will be closed fast".
  • What about MOU's trainee?
  • Got a couple of trainees on the mind.