Rays weekly update

Tuesday, July 2nd 2019

Second Rays weekly update is ready.

Software engineering:

  • Last week team made optimizations to the service code to be ready to accept more clients coming from CGevent. Optimizations worked well.
  • Now team resumed work on the “New flow” (with estimations). Current Rays beta version internally works with pay-as-you-go classic billing (“Old flow”), which is disabled allowing people to render for free during beta. “New flow” is a UX/UI layout, which works in a way, that a client uploads his render task, Rays estimates its complexity with trial render run (with lower quality settings) and then Rays predicts the final render price. Rays offers final render price to the client, if the client accepts it Rays bills the credit card and render job starts, no more expenses for the client. 
  • Payment receipts to be done for a full payment cycle according to local laws.
  • Orchestrator code updates:
    • weird behavior detected - it is not buying everything it could (possibly a bug);
    • currently buying configurations with 1-8 GPUs, need up to 12 GPUs;
    • creating new orders slowly, this results in slow warming up;
    • releasing deals when resources are actually required (bug).
  • Fix resources sharing to the fair account-wise mode (two accounts must have the same quota, not dependent on how many frames they have.
  • Working hard to launch in late July. People keep asking us the exact launch date, which is not settled yet. We will be ready to tell the exact launch date and even create a countdown timer once we finish the last improvements and have a stable release candidate (RC). Once we have a stable RC, we will announce the launch date and keep testing until that date.


  • CGevent results - Krotov to create a report. Probably can publish it.
  • Next events for Rays:
    • Blender (Amsterdam) in October - examining participation options (Krotov). Maybe will consider visiting.
    • CGevent (Moscow) on 2nd December 2019 - we plan to participate.
  • Marketing activities and traffic will start 2 weeks before the launch, once we know the launch date, once the stable code is ready.
  • Rays portfolio gallery
    • Decided it is time to create a gallery of works at raysrender.com
    • and we will also post works on Instagram, Behance, Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc.
    • Polygalov, Manin and Rikki - to decide exact publication scheme (where goes the first publication, where we repost, etc).
    • Responsible for publishing - Manin.
  • Publications:
    • Article about Sergey Tsyptsyn joining Rays advisory - published.
    • Rays weekly status - to be published today as-is.
    • CGevent results report - probably this will be published.
    • CGevent presentation - prepare to publish, need a translation, etc.
    • CGevent Eugene Manaev presentation of Rays - when full video?


  • Preparing support line for Rays’ clients.


  • 2 vacancies open, work in progress.
  • When trainees?