Rays weekly update

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

Rays population doubled.

New people introduction

  • Julia Ivanova - Product hunt, online ads, PR.
  • Valerie Zaychuk - business developer (London).

Software engineering

  • Orchestrator:

    • Stabilization is almost complete. Minor bug fixes to be done.
    • Log collection to be implemented.
    • Implement hot reserve for analysis (х1, х1, х2, x3 GPUs) and for production rendering (х6, х6, х6, х8, х8 GPUs).
    • Previous orchestrator version liked to ban suppliers, the new version seems to be the opposite.
    • Fair account-wise resource sharing?
  • Backend:

    • New flow tested by Manaev. Manaev has run estimation trials, got accuracy statistics. Low accuracy for small render jobs - will have a fixed price for small render jobs. Influenced by a bug - different GPU number used with expected to be used in the estimation process.
    • Receipt machine to be connected - a special handler to be called with receipt.
    • Finish API methods for frontend.
  • Frontend - need to speed up, now doing at the speed of 1 form per day:

  • Finishing integration tests with Cloud Payments. Receipt machine registered at tax registry.

  • Micro-milestones:

    • Release on internal staging: 2019-07-11
    • Release on Beta: 2019-07-17
    • Public release: 2019-07-31
  • Rays next features backlog:

    • ZIP file option. Required for assets upload.
    • “Remember this card”.
    • Big file uploads. Torrent-based uploader prototype (client → server) build on WebRTC implemented. Google Drive option support.
    • Redshift, Vray.
    • New fare options - Loginov, Krotov, Manaev to discuss different fare options.
    • Torrent distribution (server → workers).
    • Tray utility.

Marketing & PR

  • Rays metrics: 4820 tasks rendered, 94 beta users (no online ads/promo launched yet).

  • Will create marketing & PR plan draft - Lebedev. Others to join.

    • Include activities for: Lebedev, Loginov, Krotov, Zaychuk, Ivanova.
  • Should we participate in product hunt?

    • Investigating our opportunities.
    • Who: Ivanova and Loginov.
  • Prepare context ads.

    • Need to start experiments with context ads.
    • *** initial budget to start experimenting until July 20.
    • *** monthly budget.
    • Who: Ivanova.
  • CGevent results:

    • Maxon contact.
    • CG schools involved.
    • Got some contacts.
    • Discussion and feedback, which shows the importance of Redshift and V-ray. Thinking which to support first.
  • Publications schedule to be done as part of the marketing & PR plan. Lebedev


  • Data security and NDA status
    • a lot of text cut
    • By October 2019 Rays will sign NDA with the majority of suppliers.
    • (3) Final scheme (October 2019): after Sonm launches Trusted Platform, Rays will only use suppliers that both have TEE and a signed NDA. Full security version.


  • The first interview starting Tuesday.
  • Trainee program to be introduced.