Rays weekly update

Tuesday, July 16th 2019

Software engineering

  • Orchestrator. Released new version with many bugs fixed.
  • Render time prediction. We tried to figure out a reasonable formula to predict full work render based on low sample rate low-resolution test runs. Human formula lacked precision and the results were bad. But hey! We used Jupyter notebook to train a model on 4 thousand of render jobs and the first results we had with machine learning has beat our human prediction formulae! The ML-based prediction has the precision of render price (based on render time prediction and fixed prices) within 5 cents (standard deviation). Humans are losing again.
  • There will be a minimum payment of roughly 50 cents based on payment system constraints. The change will be probably compensated with bonus credits.
  • Backend work:
    • Include new prediction model in working code.
    • Finish fair resource sharing.
    • Use only machines with 4+ GPUs.
    • Collect worker logs. Required for correct failures resolution and fair bans.
    • If any frame being calculated twice longer than predicted - terminate the work and restart. We now have precise enough prediction to do this.
  • Frontend:
    • New flow finished and released on internal staging.
    • Not finished: pay with bonus and mixed payment with bonus and cash.
    • Receipt machine will be called from frontend as part of payment API calls.
    • A couple of patches have to be applied.
  • Full workflow cycle not yet passed. Currently, it fails on the test payment scheme with test payment cards. Debugging, after fixed will be open for internal testing.
  • Deadlines:
    • Keep working to release an updated closed beta on July¬† 24th.
    • Keep working to release publicly on July 31.

Marketing & PR

  • Preparing to publish Rays CGevent presentation in English. Translation done, polishing things us. Manin.
  • The launch countdown timer will be initiated once both conditions met: 10 days before launch and after we will feel confident (after full workflow cycle will be passed).
  • Rays website gallery (portfolio) is being finished, to be released this week. Polygalov, Chedrik.
  • Product hunt preparation started. Ivanova.
  • Test facebook ad campaign warming up. Ivanova.
  • Artem to discuss the possible future tariff plans.


  • Preparing a template agreement for Rays-Suppliers pair: (1) legal computing power usage and (2) NDA framework. A shortlist of suppliers for priority signature is prepared.


  • A long and painful upgrade is finished. A Rays typical machine is now equipped with 32 Gb RAM and has at least 4 GPUs. A partial upgrade to Intel i5 is already done as well.


  • New offer issued, the developer is expected to join by late summer.