Rays weekly update

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

Software engineering

  • Checkpoint passed: new workflow works. Task estimation and credit card payment - everything is ready.
  • The new version is installed on our internal staging and the team tests it now.
  • There are several known bugs at the moment, most importantly price estimation is still inaccurate in some cases. Should be fixed by Wednesday, Manaev. Bug fixing in progress.
  • Price estimation can give different price prediction for the same task if run again. There is unsolvable entropy in the estimation method and a philosophy dispute whether we should consider this as a bug and fix with some ugly solutions. So far we consider this as normal behavior.
  • Next checkpoint - release on closed beta (already released at the time of this report!).

Marketing & PR

  • Preparations ongoing to start advertisement campaign for social media - post templates, graphics, texts. The trial campaign runs from test social network accounts.
  • Rays was mentioned in the independent CG render farm comparison research, which was studying more than 10 traditional and modern render farms. Also, the research mentioned a couple of bugs and flaws, which occurred at Rays at the time of testing, Rays was nominated as the fastest render service among competitors in the research. We will share a link to this research once the author will provide an English version.
  • We received a video from our workshop at the CGevent. We will provide English subtitles for the video and release a content post with both the keynote slides (already translated) and the video. It will be a comprehensive introduction to Rays idea and mechanics.
  • We launched Rays portfolio on raysrender.com (scroll down) as promised - a gallery of works from our customers, who shared their CG project render results and agreed to publish them.
  • Sending some Rays merchandise, remaining from the conference.


  • Working on a KPI for business developers at Rays. Some related estimations and calculations are being done.


  • Agreements with suppliers template ready. Will start acceptance and signing.
  • Other activities are ongoing.


  • Both software development vacancies are closed. One developer already started. Another will join in late August.