Rays weekly update

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

Rays will be publicly launched on 15 August 2019.

Software engineering

  • Price estimation considered stable. Rays with upfront price estimation creates value: before the render starts we predict how many hours it will take time and make an offer. If the customer accepts the offer - price is settled at the start and will not change. This reduces risks for the customer.
  • Other auxiliary functions are being finished - countdown timer (already published), new registration, migration procedures, etc.

Marketing & PR

  • Ads campaign on FB is warming up and running trials. Statistics collected, there are results for lead costs. / Information stripped from internal report /
  • Context ads on hold until the launch.
  • Product hunt on gold until the launch.
  • New referral program to be developed.
  • Render farm comparison will be translated.
  • Rays will likely visit SaaStock in Dublin in October (https://www.saastock.com) together with a partner.