Rays weekly update

Tuesday, August 13th 2019

Software engineering

  • Beta will be closed before the launch.
  • New server with an increased network capacity is set up. We had slow upload/download connectivity according to render farm comparison, so this will be fixed.
  • Production instance will be hosted at my.raysrender.com
  • Migrating to production endpoints of cloudpayments.
  • New production instance will start with a blank database, we will only migrate accounts (login credentials).
  • New Beta will be launched later for public testing of upcoming releases when there will be upcoming releases.
  • The existing Bonus card registration link /invite will be redirected to the main registration form with an option to register a bonus code.
  • Landing SPA will be updated to include new major feature - price estimation - it is a major Rays feature, that greatly differentiates us from the existing render farms.
  • Introduction page/FAQ to be created to mention key product information.
  • Rays standard price will be tied in connection to 1 unit of OctaneBench - an industry-accepted benchmarking unit.
  • Intercom to be connected on Rays website.


  • Trial ads on FB paused until the launch.
  • Render farm comparison was translated and is waiting to be published.
  • CGevent post being prepared.
  • Suppliers agreement being prepared.
  • SaaStock preparations going on.


  • License negotiations going on with some major vendors.