Rays weekly update

Wednesday, August 21st 2019

Operation report

  • Rays has been launched. During the first days we were solving some initial issues:
    • USD payments were broken on the payment processing service side, so we were accepting payments in other currency (fixed by now).
    • Receipts were working unstable and unpredictable on our side (fixed by now). Now works as it should be: if the email is set at the payment form - you get the receipt, otherwise we do not send it. In the future will be set up in account settings as a permanent setting.
    • Payment processing from US clients was failing on the payment processing service side (fixed by now).
  • Operation metrics (15 - 21 Aug 2019):
    • Users registered: 800;
    • Tasks rendered: 93;
    • Frames rendered: 8973;
    • GPU-hours served: 3896;
    • Support sessions resolved: 28.


  • To date, we have enough feedback from real users to discover and prioritize our features for the upcoming sprints.
  • From now on Rays will be regularly developing software with 2-week agile sprints.
  • Features in work:
    • ZIP format support (now only .blend files can be uploaded, ZIP will allow flexibility)
    • Big files support (the existing limitation of 2.5 Gb will be extended)
    • Google Drive support (as an upload method)
    • Internal torrent-based file distribution between the server and workers.
  • Notable features in the backlog for this year:
    • Bake at our side (currently not supported, next sprints will allow baking at your side as part of ZIP upload and we are thinking if we can finally bake it at our side)
    • Prepaid pay-as-you-go biling (currently we only support upfront fixed price deals, but there is a request for a feature to top-up account in advance).
    • Plugins, at least the standard plugins support (currently we do not support plugins).
  • Rays worldwide promotion is being prepared with the main events in October 2019. We plan to shout out Rays loud and clear:
    • 14-16 Oct - SaaStock event in Dublin with Selectel.
    • End of Oct - Blender event in Amsterdam (working out a possibility for a booth, but everything is booked already).
    • Security solution is due to be launched in Oct. We will cover it with articles and showcase as part of the whole distributed computing stack.
    • Formal press release will be launched via special services.
    • Presentation to be updated.
    • Bloggers and theme channel admins orientation.
    • New software features (mostly dedicated at professionals, see some details above).
    • Context and FB ads - main shout outs.
  • Cusdev will be resumed in October with the release of professional features mentioned above.


  • Communicating with render software vendors. Details are confidential.