Rays weekly update

Wednesday, August 28th 2019

What's new

  • VK registration option added.
  • Password change and recovery implemented.
  • Output file format selection removed (based on user feedback we will select output format based on .blend file settings).
  • aa_samples support enabled.
  • Minimal payment size changed when mixed mode (credit + bonus) is used.
  • Logging for failed tasks implemented (this will help us debug each problem).
  • Frontend performance optimized in Chrome.
  • Security breach fixed.
  • Other frontend issues - 7.
  • Other backend issues - 2.

Work in progress

  • Feature pack in progress due 14 Oct.
    • Upload render task as ZIP file (upload baked and simulated data).
    • Upload render task using Google Drive.
    • Download all artifacts, created during render run (currently we only output resulting images).
    • E-mail notifications for job status changes (upload complete, analysis complete, render complete).
    • Internal torrent-based file distributing server-->worker.
    • Support for BRANCHED_PATH Tracing with aa_samples.
    • Support for official Blender plugins.
  • The promotion campaign is being prepared with main events for us being SaaStock (14-16 Oct) and Blender Conference (24-26 Oct). The feature pack is optimized for these events.
  • Bonus credits will receive expiration terms.
  • Work is going on with selected animators.
  • Communicating with industry players.