Rays weekly update

Wednesday, September 4th 2019

What's new

  • Two-week sprint is over (bug fixes and urgent feedback).
  • When a running task is canceled or finished with failed frames - refund is provided in the form of bonus credits (USD).
  • The frontend is seriously optimized.
  • Other frontend bugs and improvements - 4 items.
  • Other backend bugs and improvements - 2 items.

Work in progress

  • New sprint has started. Support for render projects with complicated file structures (packed as a ZIP archive) is a flagship feature.
  • Some features of the new sprint are already being tested:
    • New GTM and YM metrics for raysrender.com.
    • Frontend optimizations for mobile devices.
    • ZIP file with render results is now available early, you can pause a running job and download all the finished frames as one archive (previously single archive with results was only provided once the render task is finished).
    • Render jobs are now delivered to workers using torrent (this mode of delivery is currently being tested in parallel with the old one - direct link download, once the testing is over - torrent mode will be primary).
  • October feature pack status for the Worldwide Rays Promotion:
    • Upload render task as ZIP file (upload baked and simulated data).
    • Upload render task using Google Drive.
    • Download all artifacts, created during render run (currently we only output resulting images).
    • Internal torrent-based file distributing server --> worker.
    • Support for BRANCHED_PATH Tracing with aa_samples.
    • Support for official Blender plugins.
    • E-mail notifications for job status changes (upload complete, analysis complete, render complete).

Marketing and PR

  • New marketing program has been developed (no details disclosed).
  • Landing page is being updated.
  • Context ads starting soon.